Student Advising

This page applies to Public & Community Health students/majors only.


Find your professional advisor in CASAS. Please meet with your professional advisor, but in addition to this, we encourage you to make an appointment with your faculty advisor so that we can get to know you.


Please meet with your faculty advisor every semester so that we can assist you with your class schedule and future career plans. To make an appointment with Mrs. Martin, please go by her office to sign up for an appointment on the schedule available on their office door. Please email Dr. Lennon to set up an appointment.


Public Health: Pre-Clinical (B.S.)*

Public Health: Health Promotion (B.S.)**

  • Mrs. Darlene Martin
    Last names beginning with A-M
    SCIEN T50 B
  • Sherry Jarrett
    Last names beginning with H-P
    Internship Advisor for Public Health Undergrads
    CMHS 2095 B
  • Bethesda O'Connell
    Last names beginning with Q-Z
    CMHS 2095 A

Master of Public Health (MPH)

SCIEN = Science Hall
CMHS = Center for Medical & Health Sciences

*Previously Health Promotion (BS) - Clincial
** Previously Health Promotion (BS) - CHES