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Biomedical Sciences (M.S.)

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Program Description

The M.S. in Biomedical Sciences is a 39-hour program for post-baccalaureate academic enhancement designed to:

  1. Improve students’ academic record and increase their chances of admission to medical school and related graduate programs
  2. Equip those who wish to teach at the post-secondary level
  3. Provide a graduate-level degree for those seeking advancement in private industry

Academic Information

The M.S. program is currently delivered in three formats: 

  • Concentrated 1-year program
    • Graduates of the 1-year program who meet eligibility standards set by the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine will receive priority preference for admission.
    • Admission to the 1-year program is by referral only.
  • Residential 2-year program
    • Utilizes all of the same courses of the 1-year program spread over four semesters.
  • Online Program: four-semester distance education program that will include intensive residential labs for anatomy and physiology courses. Course offerings are provided through Liberty University Online (LUO) and BlackBoard®.

A goal of the School of Health Sciences, and the Department of Biology & Chemistry, is to increase the number of healthcare professionals within the workforce who hold a biblical, Christian Worldview. The biblical, Christian worldview speaks to numerous issues in medicine, including beginning-of-life and end-of-life questions. In order to equip students to apply biblical principles to medicine, our M.S. program requires a 3-credit course in Biomedical Ethics.

Graduate Student Assistant (GSA)

Select students may be hired as Graduate Student Assistants (GSAs). GSAs are employed 20 hours per week to teach undergraduate labs at Liberty University, including anatomy & physiology, chemistry, microbiology, human biology, and cadaver labs. GSAs receive 100% tuition scholarship and a stipend of $8400.00 annually. You must be admitted into the residential 2-year graduate program to be considered for a GSA position. More information...