Mark Hemric, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry

Office: Science Hall 116
Phone: 434-592-4663 Email

B.S. University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Ph.D. East Carolina University

Postdoctoral Research
University of Vermont College of Medicine

Courses Taught by Dr. Hemric
CHEM 107
BCHM 451 Biochemistry I

Dr. Hemric was born in Winston-Salem, NC.  Prior to joining the faculty at Liberty 2006, he taught for 12 years at Oklahoma Baptist University and Lander University.  His research interest is in the biochemistry of muscle and non-muscle contractile proteins.  His wife, Kelly, home-schools their 4 children:  Brett, Kenan, Danae and Marlee.  Dr. Hemric enjoys traveling, playing sports, coaching his children and officiating soccer.

Recent Publications
Li, Ya, Heuser, J.S., Kosanke, S.D., Hemric, M.E. and Cunningham, M.W. (2005) Protection against experimental autoimmune myocarditis is mediated by interleukin-10-producing T cells that are controlled by dendritic cells.  The Journal of Immunology 172:3225-3234.

Li, Ya, Heuser, J.S., Hemric, M.E. and Cunningham, M.W. (2004) Cryptic Epitope identified in rat and human cardiac myosin S2 region induces myocarditis in the Lewis rat. The Journal of Immunology 172:3225-3234.

Galvin, J.E., Hemric, M.E., Kosanke, S.D., Factor, S.M., Quinn, A. and Cunningham, M.W. (2002) Induction of myocarditis and valvuluitis in Lewis rats by different epitopes of cardiac myosin and its implications in rheumatic carditis. American Journal of Pathology 159:5-12