Undergraduate Writing Center

Undergraduate Writing Center

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 Location: DeMoss Hall, 1100
 Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon-Fri

 Location: Jerry Falwell  Library, 280-A
 Hours: 5-9 p.m., Mon-Thu

 Note: We are not open in the  JFL during finals week or  spring break.


(434) 592-3174



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Online undergraduate students should contact the Online Writing Center.

Appointments and Workshops

  Request Appointment

Appointments are for residential students to work with a writing coach on one paper. Bring a printed, unmarked paper, and come ready to talk with us. Please make your appointments 16 hours in advance. If you can't, please call, email, or walk-in, and we'll be happy to help. 

Workshops are for small groups that want to work with a writing coach for a specific class, such as English 100. Bring a printed, unmarked paper, and come ready to talk with us.

What to Expect

Coaching tailored to your schedule

Our appointment page lets you schedule an appoint in either of our two locations for a time and duration that works best for you.

  • Two Locations: We've got both ends of the campus covered! We're in DeMoss Hall (room 1045), and we're in the Jerry Falwell Library (room 280-A).
  • Two Durations: We've got all lengths of paper covered too! For papers 1-7 pages, appointments are 30 minutes, and for papers 8 pages or more, appointments are 60 minutes.

Coaching tailored to your needs

Our coaches are highly trained and highly empathetic coaches that help you wherever you are at in the writing process.

  • One-on-One Coaching: Our trained and knowledgeable coaches give you individualized attention every time. Plus, our coaches are students from every discipline at Liberty, so we know what it's like and do everything we can to help.
  • Coaching for Every Need: We've coached everyone and everything, from A students to those really struggling, and from the first freshman class to capstone or honors theses. Whether you need help for the first time or want to master your craft, we're the ones that can help. 

Please note what we are not: we're not a drop-off service or a proofreading, editing service. We believe great writers develop through discussing ideas together and improving writing together. Dropping off a paper for an editor just does not cut it. Bring a printed and unmarked copy of your paper, and we'll work together.

Services for Professors

Professors, let us help you help your students. The Undergraduate Writing Center always offers in-class presentations and other options to help orient your students to our services, writing a paper, or writing in specific formats. If you schedule a presentation with us, we'll send a trained presenter to your class in order to display a complete visual presentation and discuss the topic(s) of your choice:

  1. Introduction to the Writing Center: 5 minute presentation on our services and how we can help improve any writer
  2. Paper Writing-From Start to Finish 20-50 minute presentation (according to your needs) on how to write a great paper for an academic setting
  3. Formatting an Academic Paper: a 10-20 minute presentation (according to your needs) on how to format a paper for MLA, APA, or Turabian.

Additionally, we also offer several other ways that our center can help you:

  1. UWC for Credit: You can create a program with the writing center in which your students can earn regular credit or extra credit for visiting us. We keep thorough records of every visit to the UWC and will be able to report to you which students visited us at which times at any point throughout the semester.
  2. "Borrow-a-Coach": You can request our coaches to assist you with a peer review in your class. Coaches are able to assist individual students around the classroom with content, logical flow, grammatical concepts, format, paragraph unity, structure, and more.
  3. Resource Request: Our website is ever expanding with resources for both faculty and students. You can request a specific resource for us to build and put on our website or to publish to our blog
  4. Special Training Event: In the past, we've supported departments and classes with specially tailored workshops on writing, formatting, and more. You can request a unique workshop from us. 

Email us at undergradwriting@liberty.edu if you're interested in our services for professors. If you are requesting a presentation, include the topic(s) of presentation and your class name, location, and preferred time. If you are requesting another service, please give us as much detail as possible.