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Full Committee Review


The following criteria are used by the IRB to determine whether or not a study falls into the full review category. These criteria are provided to give you insight into the review process.

Please note: The IRB carefully reviews each application to determine the level of review required. Only the IRB can make this determination.

General Approval Timeline: 2+ Months

Research Requiring Full Committee Review

  • Research that does not qualify for exempt or expedited review
  • Research that involves more than minimal risk
  • Research that involves any of the following special populations:
    • Fetuses
    • Pregnant women
    • Prisoners
    • Groups who may have diminished capacity to provide consent
    • Groups who may be at high risk

Full Review Process & Timeline

If the IRB determines that your study will require a full committee review, know that this will likely extend the time required to receive approval.

In order for your study to be considered at the next full committee meeting, you must submit your application one week prior to the designated meeting date: