Ethical Aspects of Interview Research


What is the interview design?

  • Structured
  • Semi-Structured
  • Non-Structured

Does the informed consent form for the interview correspond to the IRB requirements?

Will subjects’ responses be recorded (audio or visual)?

  • If yes:
    • Consider allowing participants to review the recording after the interview to ensure their voluntary consent for use remains in effect
    • Give participants the opportunity to withdraw the use of their recorded interview from the research

Confidentiality of Recorded Interviews

Common safeguards that should be employed:

  • Transcribing the recording(s)
  • Coding subject identifiers
  • Destroying the recording(s)

If you are holding onto the recording(s) for a set period of time, state the safety procedures that will be used to protect the subjects' confidentiality:

  • Stored in a locked cabinet
  • Password protected computer

For more information, visit the IRB's Confidentiality page.