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Lindsay Knox

Resident Graduate Advisor (Last name A-F)

Phone - 877-298-9617

Email -

Hometown - Raleigh, NC

Family - Parents, Beth and Jeff and two brothers, Christian and Taylor

Favorite place in Lynchburg - Black Water Creek in Downtown Lynchburg

Favorite Lynchburg restaurant - La Villa, great Italian!

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? Coming from a Christian high school, I wanted to attend a college that would both challenge me academically and encourage me spiritually. After attending CFAW and meeting with an advisor I knew this was a university that could give me both! Experiencing Liberty University for my undergraduate studies helped me to also choose Liberty University for my graduate studies.

What advice do you give future graduate students? Set short term goals which will keep you motivated and develop a pathway to achieving the long term goal.



Sandra Wallace

Resident Graduate Advisor (Last name N-Z)

Phone - 877-298-9617

Email -

Hometown- Asheville, NC

Family- Husband Matt, and our Yorkie-Poo, Bailey

Favorite Place on campus- The Tower Theatre! Our Theatre department is full of talented students and their productions are always enjoyable.

Favorite Lynchburg restaurant- Robin Alexander Bistro

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? I chose to attend Liberty University when I attended a College For A Weekend event as a junior in high school. I knew I wanted to go to a Christian school and was thoroughly impressed with Liberty's commitment to glorify God. I quickly realized at CFAW that Liberty was going to give me an amazing college experience when I would grow not only academically, but spiritually as well.



Tabethia Cosner

Resident Graduate Advisor-ITA Specialist (Last Name G-M)

Phone - 877-298-9617

Email -

Hometown - Louisa, VA

Family - Parents Tim and Sharon, two sisters Alex and Erin, three neices and two nephews

Favorite restaurant in Lynchburg - The Neighbors Place

What advice do you give future Graduate students of Liberty University?  "My soul wait thou only upon God for my expectation is from him" Psalm 62:5. As you pursue a Graduate level degree in your chosen field, know that the Lord's expectations for your journey are far more beautiful than anything you could hope for or imagine. I would encourage you to approach this journey as a time where you will allow yourself to be challenged and encouraged both academically and spiritually - knowing that there are faculty, staff and fellow students at Liberty who are praying and encouraging you throughout your time here.



Beth Adkins

Coordinator of Resident Graduate Recruitment

Email -

Hometown - Rocky Mount, VA

Family - My amazing husband, Chris, a spoiled Golden Retriever, Rosalyn, and a big wonderful family back home.

Favorite restaurant in Lynchburg - Rivermont Pizza! Great appetizers and pizza.

What advice do you give future Graduate students of Liberty University? Plan to work hard, but know that you will have an incredible support system here at Liberty University. You and your classmates are working toward the same goal, so don't forget to utilize all of the resources available to you and make some long-lasting connections along the way.