Admission Requirements

75 Hour Accelerated Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

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  • $50 application fee (waived for current Liberty students and Alumni, please complete paper application)
  • Accredited Bachelor’s degree in biblical or related religious studies with at least a 2.5 GPA. Anything under a 2.5 will be considered case by case.
  • The applicant's undergraduate major should be in a discipline directly related to the courses in the Accelerated M.Div. curriculum. The student's undergraduate transcript should reflect the following prerequisites: (Must obtain a B in each of the prerequisite courses listed below).
    • Biblical Hermeneutics (School of Religion BIBL 350) - 3 hrs
    • Basic Old Testament Surveys (SOR BIBL 105 and OT 300 or 400 Elective) - 6 hrs
    • Basic New Testament Surveys (SOR BIBL 110 and NT 300 or 400 Elective) - 6 hrs
    • Church History (SOR CHHI 301-302) - 6 hrs
    • Systematic Theology I and II (SOR THEO 201-202) - 6 hrs
    • Christian Ministries (SOR CHMN 201, YOUT 201) - 6 hrs
    • Contemporary Theological Issues (SOR THEO 350) - 3 hrs

Students who have not fulfilled all prerequisites may complete the remaining prerequisites, not to exceed 2 courses (6 hours), at the beginning of work toward the degree.

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