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It is the purpose of the Department of History to teach and train students toward a Christian worldview of history. Offering general education courses, major programs and graduate courses, the Department gives comprehensive instruction in history and historical methodology, encourages students to develop an integrated Christian worldview, equips them for service and prepares graduates for further education and careers.

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See answers to some of our frequently asked questions at the M.A. in History.

Advising:  Juniors and Seniors

Junior and senior History and Social Science Majors who would like to meet with an advisor or faculty member, please email reronk@liberty.edu to set up an appointment.

Undergraduate students - Are you interested in our graduate program and want to sit in on one of our classes? Contact Ruth to set up a time at reronk@liberty.edu.

History News

ILLUMINATE Grant Recipient

Congratulations to the following recipient of the ILLUMINATE Grant for the Improvement of Teaching for projects to be implemented in the 2015-2016 academic year. Thank you for going above and beyond to seek funding for projects improving instruction and student learning in your classrooms.

Hands-On History: A Public History Project
Donna Donald, College of Arts and Sciences, History

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Upcoming History Travel Trips


Join History Department Professors David Snead and Chris Jones as they lead a group of travelers on a life-changing trip to the Holy Land in June 2016.