Faculty Advisors: School of Government

This page applies to Helms School of Government students/majors only.

Freshmen/Sophomores — find your professional advisor in CASAS.

Juniors/Seniors — have questions about your classes, career field or future? You may email the professor of your choice from the listing below to set up an appointment.

Degree Program Advising Prof. Office
Criminal Justice
  • A.A.: Criminal Justice
  • B.S.: Criminal Justice

Email Dr. Joel M. Cox

Email Dr. George Buzzy

Email Professor Mike Milnor

DH 4079
  • A.A.: Government
  • B.A.: Politics and Policy
  • B.S.: Politics and Policy
  • B.A.: Western Legal Traditions
  • B.S.: Western Legal Traditions

Email Dr. Gai Ferdon

Email Dr. Corey Martin

Email Dr. Stephen Samson

DH 4079
International Relations
  • B.A.: Govt: International Relations
  • B.A.: International Relations: Politics and Policy
  • B.A.: International Relations: Strategic Intelligence Studies

Email Dr. Thomas Metallo

Email Dr. Steven Bowers

Email Dr. Charles Murphy

DH 4079
Public Policy
  • M.A.P.P.: Public Policy
Email Dean Joseph Wiegand
Email Dean Ronald Miller
SOL 1680
DH 4079
DH = DeMoss Hall
SOL = School of Law