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Church Ministries

Church Ministries

Chairman: Jonathan Geukgeuzian

The Liberty University Department of Church Ministries exists to recruit strategically, equip practically, and challenge biblically those called to Christian ministry - both in the context of the local church and Christian organizations. Our goal is to change the church by holistically training students in calling, competency, and character. Our program is designed with action-oriented curriculum and the understanding that pastors train pastors and ministers train ministers in a ministry context. With over one hundred years of combined pastoral/ministerial experience, our faculty desires to provide opportunities for students to have first-hand training and equip them for a life-long calling to the Gospel ministry.

Degree Programs

  • Church Ministries - B.S. - Residential
    • Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry
    • Women's Ministries
    • Worship
    • Youth Ministries
  • Pastoral Leadership - B.S. - Residential
  • Youth Ministries - B.S. - Residential
    • Adventure Leadership & Outdoor Ministries?
    • Biblical Studies
    • Christian Leadership
    • Cinematic Arts
    • Coaching
    • Global Studies
    • Pastoral Leadership
    • Sport Outreach
    • Technical Studies
    • Theology & Apologetics
    • Women’s Leadership
    • Worship

Opportunities to Get Involved

  • Local Church
  • Practicums
  • Internships
  • Disciple Now
  • Outreach Teams
  • Evangelism
  • Church Assimilation
  • Scaremare
  • Student Leadership
  • YouthQuest