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Loan Forgiveness Program

The Loan Forgiveness program is a debt repayment opportunity of $30,000 per individual. Liberty undergraduate and/or graduate alumni who are US citizens serving outside of the United States will be considered for this new program if they meet all criteria for eligibility. 


  • The Spring application deadline is March 1.
  • The Fall application deadline is Oct. 1.

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Criteria for Eligibility

  • The applicant must be a Liberty University or Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Alumnus who is serving outside of the US.
  • The applicant’s Student Loan(s) must be in the student’s name, not in their parent’s name.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with their loan company. 
  • Preference will be given to Global Studies majors, minors, cognates, or previous equivalent such as Inter-Cultural or Cross-Cultural Studies. However, any alumnus serving outside of the US is encouraged to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  When will decisions for qualified applicants be posted?
A1.  Decisions for the Spring will be posted by June 1, and Fall decisions by December 1.

Q2.  Do couples apply as individuals or as couples?
A2.  Couples must apply as individuals.

Q3.  Will there be priority given to certain alumni?
A3.  Yes, priority will be given to alumni who are involved in Bible translation, working inside the 10/40 Window, or those engaging UPG's or diaspora groups. 

Q4.  When is the disbursement goal for qualified applicants?
A4.  The goal is in the subsequent semester of your application.

Q5.  How is the repayment distributed?
A5.  The disbursement for qualified candidates will be 20% a year for five years, not exceeding a total amount of $30,000 per individual. The disbursement begins when the alumnus is on the field. If the alumnus is already on the field, the first disbursement will be made by the beginning of the next year.

Q6.  If I am not on the field yet, but intend on going to the field, when should I apply?
A6.  Alumni or graduating seniors are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.