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Global Focus Week

Global Focus Week

Global Focus Week (GFW) is a semi-annual conference aimed at raising global awareness among the Liberty University students, faculty and staff. The conference offers students the opportunity to hear globally influential guest speakers in Convocation, connect with cross-cultural workers at an expo of organizations involved in diverse international endeavors, and participate in interactive cultural learning break-out sessions.

Upcoming Conferences:

  • Fall 2014: September 15-17 (partner organizations only)
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  • Spring 2015: February 9-13


Due to the nature of our conference, we have a limited number of spaces available for exhibiting organizations. Each year the Center for Global Engagement's (CGE) staff strategically invites a diverse cross-section of organizations that best meet the needs of our student body and of the conference. In order to make this selection, the CGE prioritizes organizations that:

  1. Are in alignment with Liberty University's (LU) vision, values and/or doctrines.
  2. Offer students a broad range of opportunities for careers, internships and short-term experiences internationally
  3. Offer an area of specialization that correlates to a strategic focus of LU or the CGE.
  4. Have a demonstrated reputation for ethical, successful and sustainable involvement within their area of focus.
  5. Have a demonstrated history of relationship with LU.

How to Request an Invitation

  • If your organization has previously attended GFW and is interested in returning for Spring 2015, please notify us via email at
  • If your organization is new to GFW and interested in participating in our Spring 2015 conference, please fill out the Request for Invitation Form.

Important Dates

  • Requests for invitation to attend the Spring 2015 Global Focus Week are due by September 21, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Our staff will process all requests, select the organizations who will be invited to attend the Spring 2015 conference, and extend notifications of approval and invitations to register for the Spring 2015 GFW by November 2, 2014.