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Global Studies Degrees

Global Studies Academic Programs

The Global Studies program is designed to produce Christ-centered leaders with the values, knowledge, and intercultural skills required to excel as individuals in their communities, lead as professionals in their fields, and serve as followers of Christ in the global context of the 21st century.

Students majoring in Global Studies will develop the skills necessary for effective cross-cultural engagement. This program prepares graduates to: communicate across cultures, cultivate healthy intercultural relationships, develop careers in both local and global settings, and understand the particular dynamics associated with living and working in an international context. Students receive thorough training in Cultural Intelligence® which is sought by many leading multi-national corporations and non-profit organizations. After extensive preparation through diverse courses, students apply what they have learned during a semester abroad Global Internship Experience.

Degree Programs

  • Major in Global Studies (B.S.) required minor or double major
  • Minor in Global Studies
  • Double major in Global Studies along with a second degree
  • Select a major that includes a global studies specialization–Aviation, Business Management Information Systems, or Religious Studies.

Core courses:

  • GLST 200 - Introduction to Global Studies
  • GLST 220 - Intercultural Communication and Engagement
  • GLST 290 - Cultural Anthropology
  • GLST 385 - Career Preparation for Global Workers

Some additional courses:

  • World Religions, Roman Catholicism, Animism and Islam
  • Engaging Oral Cultures
  • Global Studies Field Experience
  • Living Abroad
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Barefoot Language Learning

*GLST 220 substitutes for EVAN 101 for all GLST majors, minors and specializations.
**GLST 290 substitutes for the PSYC/SOCI/GOVT 2XX elective for all GLST majors, minors & specializations.

Please visit the Registrar for information on Degree Completion Plans, Course Catalogs, and other academic resources.

Unique opportunities

  • Internship: Students majoring in Global Studies experience a taste of international life when they complete a required semester-long cultural immersion internship through Global Internships that includes guided coursework, ethnographic research, and a barefoot language learning component.
  • Required Double Major or Minor: Enables students to further personalize their education and broaden their knowledge base and skill set in order to better prepare them for life in any cultural context.
  • Jungle Camp: An optional experiential learning course that teaches intercultural concepts, survival skills, and cultural adjustments through simulated jungle or tribal contexts. This course is offered in an intensive format during Spring Break and in early August each year. Students who participate in this course receive 3 hours of credit for GLST 485. Note: There is a course fee in addition to standard tuition. This course fee covers housing, food, transportation, and some course materials, but does not cover the textbook. For more information email
  • The Center for Global Engagement also provides access to leading international organizations through University established partnerships and sponsored events. Opportunities for relationship building and personalized advising with cross-cultural workers from a broad range of career fields, and hands-on experience through short-term teams are also available. 

For more information please visit the following: Global Teams, Global Retreats, and Global Focus Week.

Career Opportunities:

  • Refugee Work
  • Humanitarian Aid Work
  • Short-term/Long-term field personnel with Global Disciple-Making Organizations
  • Global opportunities in Education, TESL, Business, Healthcare, Communications etc., when combined with a double major or minor in another discipline.
  • Global Mobilizer on a Church or Non-Profit Staff
  • Post-Graduate Studies in Related Fields