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Ethiopia Trip FAQs

1. Will there be any course credits or volunteer hours options involved?

While the Palau Association is partnering with LU, the trip is composed of an international team – including students from LU, but not limited to students. Course credits and/or volunteer hours are not in the arrangement made between the Palau Organization and Liberty for this trip. With that being said, unless you personally have arranged for course credits and/or volunteer hours with LU or your course professor(s), this trip does not include any credits or volunteer hours.

2. In your experience how have professors responded to students who participate in missions trips with course work (positively/negatively)?

This is the first time that the Palau Association and Liberty University have partnered together for a mission trip. Since this is a new partnership, we don’t yet have any feedback on professor’s responses toward these opportunities.

3. When is the money due?

The trip is $1,200 USD (for ground transportation, lodging, meals and basic ministry supplies) + $75 USD non-refundable application fee. The funds are due by October 4, 2013. Please note that the price quoted above does not include airfare. Airfare is each individual’s responsibilities and will range from $2,000 - $2,300 (USD) in price.  In the packet of information sent out upon acceptance, there is a section on building up a team of prayer and financial support should you choose to fundraise for the trip.

4. If I apply and am accepted, if something came up to where I don't have the finances, what would be the course of action?

The breakdown of costs provided by the Palau Association are the actual costs for the trip. The Palau Association does not receive any additional funding for mission trips, offer scholarships for participants, or make any profit from the funds of participants. We encourage team members to build a financial and prayer support team through fundraising. If you come up short on the funds as the trip nears, we can discuss further options about payments.

5. Is there any fundraising available?

Each person is responsible for paying for their own trip – whether that is on their own or through arranging their own fundraising efforts.

6. What are the approximate costs of the flights?

Costs are approximately $2,100 - $2,300 (USD). Please note, the costs of flights are the responsibility of the participant and not included in the costs due to the Palau Association. Once participants have been accepted on the mission trip, they will receive a welcome packet with information regarding preferred flight arrival/departure times, travel information, outreach information, etc.

7. Can anyone go on this trip or do they have to attend Liberty University?

Anyone can go. Palau Mission Teams are open to individuals, church groups, school groups, etc. across the US and UK.

8. My bible study/other group would love to be involved and I was wondering how many people are able to go?

The trip is open to individuals from any group. Each individual will need to apply individually.

9. What are the different areas of ministry on this trip?

Participants will be serving in and throughout the city of Addis Ababa through children’s teams, school teams, sport teams, orphanage teams, street evangelism, eyeglass clinics and possibly medical clinics. We try to place participants on teams where their interest is (i.e. children, sports, etc); however, we do ask team members to be flexible in the team they are placed.

10. What type of training or preparation is available for participants?

There are no workshops or courses required of participants. We do, however, provide regular e-mail communications and information for team members building up to the trip. Once everyone arrives in-country for the trip, there is an extensive amount of time together at a team orientation. This enables everyone to get to know other team members, details for their outreach, identify their team lead, etc.