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Computer Skills and Concepts Requirements

Listed below are the Office 365/2016 skills which will possibly be evaluated on the Computer Assessment. To further aid in your study, please view Microsoft Office Tutorials. Office 365/2016 PC version skills will be evaluated.

Review the material below as well as other Office 365/2016 learning materials prior to taking the Computer Assessment.


Plan and create a document

  • Enter text
  • Save As
  • Save
  • Create a folder
  • Print preview
  • Print

Edit a document

  • Spell Check
  • Thesaurus
  • Grammar check
  • Cut and paste
  • Copy and paste
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Find and replace text
  • Format painter

Format a document

  • Change margins
  • Create tabs using the ruler and dialog box
  • Left tab
  • Right tab
  • Center tab
  • Decimal tab
  • Leader tab
  • Bold, underline and italicize text
  • Create bullets and numbering
  • Change fonts and font sizes
  • Change spacing
  • Insert breaks
  • Insert footnotes/endnotes
  • Center text horizontally and vertically
  • Create headers and footers
  • Create a table
  • Sort information in a table
  • Format a table
  • Create formulas in a table
  • Number pages using Quickparts
  • Bullet lists in a table
  • Merge cells in a table
  • Create Borders
  • Add citations
  • Create a reference page


  • Start Excel
  • Navigate a worksheet
  • Insert text
  • Delete rows and Columns
  • Enter numbers
  • Construct a formula
  • Copy a formula
  • Format cells
  • Create charts
  • Use the help feature
  • Clear the contents of a cell
  • Move a cell
  • Format a cell
  • Print worksheets
  • Perform a what-if analysis
  • Use functions to total
  • Use functions to average
  • Autocomplete
  • Display, print and hide formulas
  • Absolute cell referencing
  • Use built in functions
  • Freeze and Unfreeze panes


  • Open a presentation
  • Create folders
  • Save presentations
  • Editing slide text
  • Insert new slides
  • Check spelling
  • Increase and decrease list levels
  • Use the Thesaurus
  • Change font style and size
  • Insert slides
  • Create headers and footers
  • Modify slide layout
  • Align text and line spacing
  • Select and delete slides
  • Move slides
  • Apply styles
  • Using different views
  • Inserting text from file
  • Inserting clipart
  • Editing pictures
  • Inserting tables
  • Accessing help

Tools for success

"INFT 110 opened my eyes to ... functions of the computer that I would not have learned on my own. It also opened several doors for me. By embracing the class and working hard, I was prepared for the next level computer class and I was actually able to become the tutor for INFT 110. Taking INFT 110 also prepared me for the tasks that I have to complete in my Biology classes."

-  Jackie Caulfield

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