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Liberty University strives to meet the needs of our alumni; Our graduates performing or contemplating a job search, those looking to hire qualified employees, and alumni who are interested in assisting our current student population are encouraged to do so. Please take a moment to peruse the information below to see how we can partner moving forward.

Job Search

As an alumni of Liberty University, you have all the rights and privileges of our current students.  We have a team of career counselors that are tasked with helping you in your search process.  Here is a list of just some of the things we provide for you:

Recruiting At Liberty University

You graduated from Liberty, so you have a unique perspective on the caliber of our student body.  We hear employer after employer telling us how glad they are that they have recruited from us here at Liberty!  If you are interested in recruiting some Liberty talent we would love to work with you.  Here is a list of ways in which employers have partnered with us in the past:




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