Thank you for your interest in coming to campus to partner with Liberty University for an information session.  The following are some things you may want to think about before scheduling your date to attend…

An information session is the most effective way to get information about your company to our students and faculty.  Executives and senior managers have an opportunity to share their vision and passion about the future of their company.  The Career Center will reserve a conference room on campus, advertise the event, and provide you with an interview room so that you can interview and hire as many students as you need. This is also an opportunity to market your company and network with a number of faculty and staff members.

While information sessions and career fairs are both very successful, they are catered to different audiences.  In an information session, your company is able to let students, faculty, and staff know exactly what your company has to offer.  This provides value to your company through specificity.  Career Fairs also provide value; however, they are geared towards an entire subsection of our student body.  You will see more students at a career fair, however they may not specifically be catered to your company.  The Career Center highly recommends that you consider attending both an information session and our major-specific career fairs in order to receive the most value for your company.

We highly advise that you schedule your information session at least 40 days in advance. However, it is best to schedule an information session at least one semester in advance. This allows us to adequately advertise for your event.  We make posters, send emails, and even speak in the classroom to make sure your event is well attended by the students who are qualified for your positions. 

While information sessions are definitely beneficial, they are not geared towards every company.  We normally ask employers to have a number of full-time, part-time, and/or internship positions available for our students before doing an information session.  The Career Center also requires a senior level executive, manager, or recruiting personnel to be in attendance at an information session.  If you only have a few positions open, you may want to consider on-campus recruiting as opposed to an information session.

There is no cost associated with an info session.  However, we do encourage the Employer to provide refreshments for the attendees. Once registered, reach out to our event coordinator to work out all logistics on the event.

You will need to contact your Employer Relations Coordinator in order to be approved for an information session.  Please note that due to other campus events we cannot guarantee any specific times or dates.