Washington Fellowship Student Testimonials

Washington Fellowship Student Testimonials

"I just wanted let you both know, I ended up getting a job as a program analyst at the Office of Investigations at USAID's OIG where I had interned last semester. I never would have gotten the job if it weren't for the Washington Fellowship and I'm very thankful for the opportunity we all had to complete the program. Thanks again for all the hard work you and the others put into the WF!" - Carly  

“TWF is such an awesome program! I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of it and for all of the hard work that you all put in. This semester was the best one that I had at Liberty.”  Chelsea, Spring 2014

“The Washington Fellowship is a fantastic program. The past four months have provided me the opportunity to grow professionally as well as spiritually. Working 35-40 hour weeks and taking online classes is not easy but you learn how to manage your time efficiently while being in the program.”  Kenlyn, Spring 2014

“…this was an incredible program, without which I would probably not be at this internship right now. I am thankful for the opportunity that the Fellowship provided to gain some real hands-on experience in a professional workplace…. [your staff was] very helpful in offering suggestions of internships that would expand my horizons. I was so narrow-minded at first about what type of internship I would take in DC, that it was limiting the possibility to be challenged and grow. Thank you so much for working with me to find the perfect fit!”  Shandra, Spring 2014

“The WISH housing that we stayed in was a GREAT location- I had a five-minute walking commute in the morning!.”  Shandra, Spring 2014

“I think the Fellowship is a one-of-a kind program that has tremendous potential, especially since it is run by a Christian University! It is a chance to shine our light in the DC area, and touch numerous lives with Christ's love. Several times this semester, after mentioning I was from LU, the response from people was always positive. From tours I led, to those who just stopped by the office, everyone had heard of Liberty. People often commented that LU students have great work ethic, they were reliable and responsible, and a definite asset in the workplace. We are in a unique position to make a real difference in our nation’s capital, and it has been so exciting to be a part of it!”  Shandra, Spring 2014

“The Washington Fellowship is the most helpful, or useful, program on campus at Liberty. I have said it a million times, but I firmly believe that every single government, business, criminal justice, and communications major should be fighting each other for a spot to land in this program. I am so happy that Liberty offers this opportunity, and I am thrilled that I took part in it.”  Mike, Spring 2014

“The Washington Fellowship proved an immeasurable asset to my education at Liberty University. Because I am a government major, I learned much from interacting with Liberty alumni and people who worked on the policies I studied in undergraduate. It was because of the Washington Fellowship that upon graduation I was offered research internships at the Hudson Institute and the Endowment for Middle East Truth. The Heritage Foundation allowed me to keep working for them for a month doing freelance work after I completed my internship. I do firmly believe however that people from every major will benefit immensely from the opportunity.” Aaron, Spring 2014

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