Washington Fellowship Application Process


Application Prerequisites

Students must have achieved the following benchmarks:

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (may vary based on major specific requirements)
  • Minimum 21 hours of credits in major (some majors require 24)
  • Junior status
  • Official declaration of major
  • Must clear a Student Conduct check
  • Must be 17-29 years of age per LU housing guidelines to reside in the dorm
  • Must be unmarried
  • Must complete financial check-in prior to attending

The Washington Fellowship program works with all majors and have placed students in organizations such as Fox News, National Geographic, The Verizon Center, Congress and Law Enforcement etc.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Program Costs

  • Students who participate in Fall or Spring pay a program fee. This is a combination of a block rate and a housing charge (see Recruiter for current rates).
  • Students who participate in Summer pay per credit hour for the academic credits and a housing charge (see Recruiter for current rates).


  • The Washington Fellowship program has arranged housing in DC. Students live on Capitol Hill just minutes from the Metro station and attractions.
  • The benefits  include simplicity in payment, fellowship with other Liberty University interns and a supportive resident assistant (RA).

Placement Assistance

A full time placement coordinator guides students through the placement process.  It is at this time students will go through the professional development process. There are fall, spring and summer semester opportunities.

Throughout the semesters, many interns have received job offers as a result of the program. As the semesters progress, the percentage of interns receiving full time job offers increases.

Application Process

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee which must be paid online at the time you apply. Application fee and application must be submitted for program consideration. Please note that your submitted application does not mean you are accepted into the program.  The Washington Fellowship staff will contact those who qualify to arrange for an interview.  Students who are interested in program should schedule an appointment with the recruiter. Students must also keep in mind that their specific major has its own requirements.

Apply Now

Appointment Request

Upon Acceptance

Professional Development Requirements

Upon acceptance into the Washington Fellowship, the following professional development items must be completed. A feasible timeline for completion of these items will be determined by the Washington Fellowship Recruiter.

  • Cover Letter & Professional Résumé
  • 2-10 Page Writing Sample or Portfolio
  • Mock Interview
  • 4 Letters of Reference
    • 2 from professors
    • 1 personal
    • 1 employer

Consult our website for résumé resources and submit your résumé and cover letter to the Career Center for critique. The final versions of these documents must be viewed and approved by a Washington Fellowship staff member.

A good writing sample demonstrates the capacity to perform more than just basic clerical duties. You can provide a previous paper of excellent quality that is relevant to the student’s major and/or desired industry.

Submit Documents

  • Deliver all materials to the Liberty University Career Center Washington Fellowship Staff. Electronic documents are preferred. Please scan and email documents to Washington@liberty.edu.
  • Do not delay in responding to any requests as this may jeopardize your internship opportunity.
  • Once your internship is determined, the Washington Fellowship Placement Coordinator will contact you to finalize any details.

Application Checklist

  • Submit application and $25 application fee
  • Meet with Washington Fellowship recruiter
  • Review and submit required documents (see Professional Development Requirements above)
  • Participate in the mock interview

                     The Washington Fellowship Intern Handbook

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