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Thank you for your interest in Liberty University and the many talented students, alumni, faculty and staff – what we call our Liberty Community! We are proud of our students, faculty and alumni and feel they can be a very valuable asset to your organization or company. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your needs and connect you to our students and alumni.

The resources on this site give further detail about how you can increase your presence on campus and promote your organization through on-campus visits, participate in major-specific career fairs, and schedule meet and greets with faculty and students. Liberty University has over 13,000 on campus students, over 80,000 online students (all over the country and world), and over 150,000 alumni with decades of professional experience. Our talented Liberty Community will be able to meet your employment needs on every level.

Because of our campus and online universities, we have students and alumni where our employers are located – in all fifty states and around the world. Our student mix is very diverse as well. Many of our online students are people who have been in careers for years; therefore, they not only bring academic experience to the job, but practical experience as well. So whether you as an employer are looking for an intern to join your company and learn from the ground up, a talented new graduate to begin a career, or you are looking for your next CEO - Liberty University has the qualified people for you. To get started in your search for Liberty University talent, register your company on LUNETWORK and post your internships and full time positions today.

LUNETWORK is Liberty University’s exclusive Employer Relationship Management database. Employers can post positions where only Liberty University students and alumni can review these postings. There are over 13,000 students and alumni from all over the country registered on LUNETWORK.

Liberty University Career Center Campus Events for Employers

Employers are encouraged to visit our campus often to meet with faculty, students and alumni. To schedule your visit to campus, contact the Liberty University Career Center at 434-592-4221 or careerevents@liberty.edu. To see a schedule of upcoming major-specific events, click here for the Career Fair events calendar.

Internship Opportunities

Our students, both on campus and online, are available to participate in internships offered by your company or organization. We have academic programs that allow our students to intern any time during the year (Fall, Spring and Summer). Internships are for both credit and non-credit – available full time and part-time – and last as short as a few weeks to as long as a whole semester. Please contact our office at 434-592-4109 to find out more about how Liberty University can provide you excellent talent through internships. If you are ready to receive resumes, register your company on LUNETWORK and post your internships today.

Full Time Opportunities

Our new graduates and alumni (over forty years of graduates) are available for full time positions within your company. As stated above, our Liberty Community of talented people are all over the country and the world, so no matter where an employer has an operation, a graduate from Liberty University will be close by. If you are ready to receive resumes, register your company on LUNETWORK and post your full time positions today.