Washington Fellowship Program

Washington Fellowship Program

The Washington Fellowship is a Christ-centered, semester long internship program hosted by Liberty University, which offers students of all majors the unique opportunity to live and work in the bustling and energetic atmosphere of our nation’s Capital. The program prepares student applicants by equipping them with the necessary tools to obtain an internship in a professional environment.  Students accepted into the program will experience historical downtown housing, professional development, and networking events. After a full semester in this environment, students will have experienced how Christ worked in their lives and emerge as enriched, confident, and engaging professionals. 

The purpose of the Washington Fellowship is to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact tomorrow’s world in every walk of life. The Washington Fellowship executes this mission through practical intern placement and rigorous academic training — both structured in a distinctly Christ-centered social environment.

This vision animates and drives all that we do, as we aim to:

  1. Equip future leaders in all vocations. Inspiring students and preparing them to excel and lead in their profession.
  2. Provide for superior education. Constructing and implementing an education characterized by excellence.
  3. Remain in fidelity to the Christian faith. Adhering to the perspective that God destined American tradition through Judeo-Christian values.
  4. Hold fast to the Holy Scriptures. Pursuing truth in a context of free thought and expression informed by a standard.

The purpose of Liberty University’s Washington Fellowship is to prepare its students to think, analyze, and communicate through the analytical grid of a comprehensive Christian worldview. The Washington Fellowship aspires to produce “Scholars and Fellows” who are clear thinkers, skilled workers, and morally responsible leaders in their chosen professions.

This program provides students with excellent experiential education opportunities in and around the nation’s capital. The goal of the program is unchanged — to train and equip young leaders. By providing professional job preparation skills prior to going to Washington, as well as leadership training lectures and courses during the semester, students who participate will not only secure academic internship credit, but also valuable life skills.

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