Residential Tutoring

Fall 2016

Below are the courses which the Academic Success Center provides free tutoring to residential students.

Fall tutoring schedules will be posted by the beginning of September.

  1. Login to your LUNETWORK profile (You already have a profile, but you may need to update information before you can sign up for the workshop)
  2. Click the tab labeled "Events"
  3. Click on "Workshops"
  4. Look for the workshops titled: ACCT 211/212 Tutoring- Day (The workshops are labeled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  5. Choose a day and pick a time that you can attend. Times listed are the only times available.

*Please note - Some times and locations of tutoring have changed. Please check prior to attending tutoring to ensure correct times and locations.

Writing Papers

Please note, tutors do not proofread papers, but we would be happy to look at the content inside of your papers.