Math Emporium Testing Policies

  1. All tests must be taken in the Math Emporium. No personal computers may be used.
  2. ODAS students may test in the Testing Center (DH 1100) or the Math Emporium. The student must contact his instructor.
  3. Any student who works ahead may take the test early. The test must be started on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before 9 p.m., on Friday before 4 p.m., Saturday before noon, or on Sunday before 3 p.m. in the Math Emporium. Students who wish to test early must check in with the front desk.
  4. Bring Flames Pass and pencils.
  5. Absolutely no electronic devices may be active in the testing area. All cell phones, texting devices, iPods, MP3 players, web enabled watches, etc. must be turned off and put away before entering the testing area.
  6. Students are not allowed assistance of any kind. This includes faculty, staff, students, notes, or any other type of outside help. During testing, no access to other online materials including homework, quizzes, and online learning aids in MyLabsPlus is permitted. Formula sheets provided by the emporium are allowed.
  7. The Math Emporium will provide testing paper. No other paper is allowed. All papers must be turned in to a test proctor before leaving the computer.
  8. Only the calculator on the computer or a Math Emporium issued calculator can be used by MATH 100, 105, 106 and 110 students. Math 114, 115, 201 and BUSI 230 students may use a graphing calculator. MATH 121 students may only use a Texas Instruments TI-30X calculator. Calculator covers must be packed away during tests.
  9. Personal belongings will need to be placed on the floor out of the walkway.
  10. Students will be allowed to review the test immediately after submitting. No information pertaining to the test may be written down or shared with other students. Violators will be charged with academic dishonesty as stated in the Liberty Way.
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