Math Emporium Policies

1. Students are here to work on math.

2. The Math Emporium is a math classroom. Please be quiet during visits to the Emporium.

3. Only students registered in residential MATH 100, 110, 115, 116, 121, 201 and BUSI 230 may use the Math Emporium.

4. Personal lap tops will only be permitted if there are no available computers in the Emporium.

5. The Emporium is used on a first come, first serve basis. There will be no reservations for normal course work. For MATH 115, 116, 121, 201 and BUSI 230, reservations are required for all tests and the final exam, except when taken early. For MATH 100 and 110, reservations are only needed for the final exam.

6. Each student must present his Flames Pass to the attendant when entering and leaving the Emporium.

7. All Math Emporium guests are expected to dress and act in accordance to the guidelines in the Liberty Way.

8. All personal belongings must be stored on the floor out of the walkway.

9. No food is allowed in the Emporium. No exceptions. Drinks with lids are permitted.

10. Activities such as surfing the web, checking e-mail, sleeping, or completing other course work will not be tolerated. Cell phones must be silenced and out of sight. Music players are permitted as long as neighbors cannot hear it.

11. Violations result in a 0 for Emporium hours for the week and removal from the Emporium.

12. The expectation is that you will watch the video and/or read the book and attempt the homework question on your own. Be ready to show work for a problem when asking for help. To request help with homework, place the cup on top of the computer and wait patiently for assistance.

13. Only the calculator on the computer or a Math Emporium issued calculator can be used by MATH 100 and 110 students. MATH 115, 116, 201 and BUSI 230 students may use a graphing calculator. MATH 121 students may only use a Texas Instruments TI-30X calculator. Calculator covers must be packed away during tests.

14. MATH 100 and 110: All quizzes and tests must be taken in the Emporium. Homework may be completed anywhere, however, three hours per week in the Emporium are required.  

15. MATH 115, 116, 121 201 and BUSI 230: Test must be taken in the Emporium. Quizzes and homework may be completed anywhere, however, three hours per week in the Emporium are required.

16. Please be courteous and respectful at all times. Students are here to work on math.

17. The Emporium will be closed when classes are canceled or delayed. The Emporium is closed for convocation even when convocation is canceled.