Denny McHaney

Denny McHaney

Coordinator of the Office of Disability Academic Support
Assistant Professor of Education


Mr. Denny McHaney has been teaching here at Liberty for well over twenty years.  He teaches CLST 100 classes.  CLST 100 is a study strategies course for new freshmen who come in underprepared for academic life in the university.  CLST classes are part of a larger program called the Academic Opportunity Program. 

His other “hat” that he wears is the Director of Disability Academic Support.  He works as a liaison between students with disabilities and their professors to arrange reasonable accommodations such as extended test time, note taking help, etc.

He is married to his wife, Jane, and they have one son, Ryan. 


He has lived in the Lynchburg area all his life so he is one of the few “natives” to the area.  He is a passionate sports fan and follows the Washington Redskins with great interest each fall.


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