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Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Computer Assessment Updates

All new students both freshmen and transfer will be sent an email after they have financially checked in concerning the Computer Assessment. Students should go to Blackboard for directions for taking the Pre-Test, Training and Post-test. See directions below after logging into Blackboard.

To get to the Blackboard course:

  • Go to the following website:
  • Enter your Liberty University username and password
  • Click on View Courses. 
  • Click on the course, Computer Assessment INFT 000
  • Read the Announcement
  • Follow the directions in Bb in order beginning with Activity 1

The Computer Assessment consists of a Pre-test, Training, and a Post-test. Students who pass the Pre-test (75%) are not required to take the Post-test. Students may take the Post-test (passing - 85%) after the required Training is completed.

INFT 110

If a student does not pass (or attempt) the computer assessment the first semester of his/her program, then the student will be required to take INFT 110, Computer Concepts and Applications. This class must be completed during the student’s first45 credit hours(first year if a transfer student) at Liberty.

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