Dr. Mark Shaneck, Ph.D.

Online Chair of Cyber Security
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Mark Shaneck received the BS degree in Computer Science and the BA degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University. After spending a few years working as a Software Engineer, he went to graduate school and received the MS and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. He is now a member of the faculty at Liberty University’s School of Engineering and Computational Sciences as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science. He also obtained his Certified Ethical Hacker from EC Council in July 2011 and received his OSCP certification in December 2013.

Shaneck specializes in Computer Security and Cryptography, and has a passion for developing technologies that have practical applications. His research interests span several different areas, including secure protocol design and developing techniques to secure our networks from attack. He is interested in investigating what gains can be made in efficiency to cryptographic protocols by making realistic tradeoffs in the underlying assumptions.

Shaneck is also the Online Chair of the Master of Science in Cyber Security program at Liberty University and is the faculty mentor for the undergraduate Cyber Defense Club.  The student club meets to learn current security techniques and tools, as well as participates in regional and national competitions.