Terry Metzgar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Terry Metzgar received a BS in Chemistry from Bob Jones University before completing a doctoral degree at the University of Tennessee. His research work in chemistry was highly computational which introduced him to computers and computing.

While in graduate school, he worked at the university computing center and took the available computing courses, all of which furthered his interest in the area of computing. A short post-doctoral assignment with the National Research Council at Picatinny Arsennal in Dover, NJ was followed with a first job at General Atomic Company, La Jolla, CA.

His assignment was to develop the hardware and software necessary to collect information from the laboratories fuel testing equipment. As the nuclear industry began to stall, he moved to Dallas, TX with Texas Instruments to work in the Semiconductor Quality Assurance organization. His primary assignment was to develop systems to collect semiconductor quality information. He later transferred with Texas Instruments to its Automation Division in TN where he worked for 11 years, and for five additional years after the division was sold to Siemens, Inc.

His work there on 22 projects centered on the development of automation systems for specific industry customers such as Kodak, Dupont, Consolidation Coal, and Imperial Sugar. The projects included operating system, database, networking, and large software system applications mostly developed in a team environment. He was selected through a peer recognition process to be a Senior Member of the Technical Staff.

In 1996, after 22 years in industry, Dr. Metzgar moved to Lynchburg to begin work as a Computer Science professor at Liberty. He has enjoyed the growth of the program from a time when he taught all the computer science courses to today when others have joined, each bringing areas of expertise and their own experiences for the students. He has particularly enjoyed seeing the students he taught being successful at companies like IBM, Apple, and RedHat. His biggest joy, however, is hearing that they are serving Christ in whatever career they choose.

His areas of interests include: teaching; software development, particularly with an emphasis on maintainability and reliability; and embedded applications.