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The Blaise Pascal Society was created to recognize donors who are leaders within the community of philanthropy to help advance the School of Engineering. The distinguished alumni and friends who comprise the Blaise Pascal Society are those whose unwavering support of the School of Engineering represents the true sense of training young champions for Christ.  By giving so generously of their time, talent, and treasure, these benefactors are helping to establish and ensure the future of Christian technology and engineering at Liberty University.

Membership in the Blaise Pascal Society is available on an individual or joint basis to alumni and friends.

The Blaise Pascal Society giving level:

  • Benefactor: Individuals or couples who have given $100,000 or more.


About Blaise Pascal

When he was 19, Pascal invented a calculating "machine", a forerunner of modern computers. At 23, he made major discoveries in physics and proved the existence of the vacuum. This paved the way for hypodermic syringes, barometers, and hydraulic devices. Pascal also came up with the mathematical theory of probability and helped shape the field of calculus.

Beginning in his teen years, he often suffered great pain in his legs; as an adult he became partially crippled. One night, unable to sleep due to the pain, he arose and wrote down the solution to a problem that advanced a very difficult area of mathematics.

Yet, though Pascal knew very well the power of the mind and the potential of human reason, he also knew that people cannot solve the deepest mysteries and needs of life with their minds alone. He understood that mankind is at the same time both very great and also very flawed.

Through various personal trials, Pascal became more and more a religious man. He was much affected when his niece was miraculously healed (by God working through someone) of a tumor or stubborn disease. After he was nearly killed in a carriage accident, he was nearly instantly & deeply converted  in 1654 (age 31) to a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.