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The John Ambrose Fleming Society was created to recognize donors who are leaders within the community of philanthropy to help advance the School of Engineering. The distinguished alumni and friends who comprise the John Ambrose Fleming Society are those whose unwavering support of the School of Engineering represents the true sense of training young champions for Christ.  By giving so generously of their time, talent, and treasure, these benefactors are helping to establish and ensure the future of Christian technology and engineering at Liberty University.

Membership in the John Ambrose Fleming Society is available on an individual or joint basis to alumni and friends.

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    * Benefactor: Individuals or couples who have given $10,000 or more.

About John Ambrose Fleming

John Ambrose Fleming is best known for his discoveries related to electricity and telecommunication. He graduated from a university in London. This is where he started researching the idea of the "Edison Effect." The "Edison Effect" is an electric current flow between a heated cathode in a seperate tube. The "Edison Effect" helped Fleming realize how to fix weak radio signals. After college, he started to work at the Marconi Company. This is where he invented and patented his electronic amplifier.

Fleming invented an important electronic device called the oscillation valve which some believed marked the beginning of electronics. Another inventor later took the oscillation valve idea and ended up creating what we now call an amplifier. But this isn't a stereo amplifier that makes music sound loud, it is a type of amplifier that generates strength to radio waves. The oscillation valve was the first transmitter to reach across the Atlantic. It was John Ambrose's idea to help the world communicate across the ocean. The oscillation valve looked like a lightbulb with a black coil attached to it. The coil was then attached to a metal cylinder in the center of the bulb. What this contraption did was conduct electricity to a plate of metal which could receive radio wave lengths.

Fleming was the son of a Christian minister and was a Christian apologist. He wrote a book about creation and helped start the Evolution Protest Movement. Fleming believed that science must rely on the belief that the universe was created by God. He relied on these beliefs when he made all of his scientific inventions. For example, when he created the Fleming valve he was basing each of the steps of his scientific process on universal facts founded on the basic belief that God had created all the materials, theories, and brainpower needed.

Fleming's inventions contributed to photometry, electronics, and wireless telegraphy. He was knighted for his inventions in 1929.