Board of Advisors

David Black

Vice President and Controller, Babcock & Wilcox

Mr. Black is the Vice President and Controller for the Babcock and Wilcox Company (B&W).  B&W has annual revenues of $3.4B and manages additional annual budgets exceeding $1.2B through affiliated entities.  Mr. Black serves on the Board of several pension committees that manage approximately $11.1B in funds.  B&W has over 22,200 employees dispersed internationally and across the United States including both company-owned facilities and M&O operations managed for the Department of Energy.


In 1991, Mr. Black joined BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT - a subsidiary of B&W) as General Accounting Manager for the Nuclear Environmental Services Division.  Other positions held within B&W were Financial Services Manager for the ASD Service Center Division, Controller for B&W Federal Services, Inc., Controller for BWXT Services, Inc. and Vice President and Controller for BWXT.  He has held his current position since January of 2007.  Mr. Black served as Controller for Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia from 1987 until 1991.


Mr. Black holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and also a Master of Science degree in Accounting from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  In 1987, Mr. Black became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the State of Virginia. He continues to develop his knowledge of accounting and related areas through continuing education requirements focused on pension fund and investment management, mergers and acquisitions, and SEC accounting and reporting.   

Tony Brown

Sr. Vice President, Global Supply Chain, J.Crew Group, Inc.
As an accomplished corporate executive, Tony has over twenty years of proven leadership experience within the Retail industry.  Since joining J. Crew in 2004, Tony has executed successful Supply Chain strategies while providing oversight for substantial growth of the Direct business and the expansion of the Asheville, NC operations.
Previously held management positions are with companies including Gap Inc. Direct and The Timberland Company.  Professional highlights include significant impact on business growth and profitability with start-up operations at four new facilities and preparation and management of multi-million dollar budgets.

An active leader within the community, Tony recently moved to Virginia from Columbus, Ohio.  He was an active member of a southern Baptist church for over 20 years serving in numerous roles of leadership – Deacon, Teacher, Committee’s etc.  Since moving to Virginia, Tony and his wife Brenda have joined Thomas Road Baptist Church and continue to seek God’s direction in their new location.

Tony holds an MBA from Franklin University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wittenburg University.

George Beam

Sr. Vice President, Installed Based-America, AREVA, Inc.

George Beam is currently Senior Vice President of Nuclear Services for AREVA NP Inc. Beam started his career as a Reactor Engineer at the Oconee Nuclear Station in 1977. After two years, he left to attend business school, after which he started work at Babcock & Wilcox in its Nuclear Services business in 1981. He initially started out on staff as a Strategic Planner, followed by several assignments in Business Development/Marketing for Steam Generator and Reactor Services.

In 1992, Beam became the General Manager for the Plant Services business responsible for all field services performed by B&W Nuclear Technologies, excluding steam generator services. In 1998, he was promoted to Vice President, Steam Generator Services.

Beam received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Math and Computer Science from the University of Virginia, a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from N.C. State, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Virginia. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Virginia.

Roger Cochrane

President, Technical Services Group, Inc, Babcock & Wilcox


Bill Janky

Manager, Systems Design, Harris Electronics

Mr. Janky’s career portrays a history of solid contributions in a broad range of technical disciplines including infrared systems, signal processing, hardware and software development, technical management, and Land Mobile Radio systems.  Bill has over 28 years of experience including electro-optic search/track and threat warning system design with GE’s Aerospace Electronics Systems department, and the last 17 years in Lynchburg working on Land Mobile Radio systems with Ericsson-GE, Ericsson, Com-Net Ericsson, and finally Harris/Electronics-M/A-COM.  He currently manages the system design group in Lynchburg and holds the title of Technology Fellow.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Illinois where he was a bronze tablet scholar, and a master’s in EE from Syracuse University.  He is also a graduate of GE’s Advanced Course in Engineering.

Bill is a recognized expert in the area of system architecture definition and design for Land Mobile Radio, Mission Critical Public Safety Communication Systems.  He is a recognized both within Harris Electronics as well as external to TE where he has made significant contributions to the TIA TR-8 and P25 standards bodies.  

Bill spent many years working on EDACS and developing advanced TDMA system architectures while building up Lynchburg’s extensive system simulation capability.  Recently, Bill was one of the principal system architects of TE’s P25IP system which has accounted for over 40 system wins overall for TE and over $70M in sales in 2005 alone.  He was also a critical member of the team in the development of TE’s unified IP architecture which is the foundation of our VIDA product line.

Keith Mascher

Director of Research & Development, AMTI

Keith is the Director of Research & Development and part owner of AMTI (Advanced Manufacturing Technology Inc).


AMTI manufactures and develops electronic products for the DOD, Industrial, Commercial and Consumer business segments.


Previously, Keith was employed by Ericsson Inc in Lynchburg holding positions in Component Engineering, Project Management and Engineering Manager. Before joining Ericsson, he worked at Rockwell Collins Avionics in Melbourne, Florida designing RF circuits for Navigation (ILS, ADF, VOR) products. Keith was also involved with the Air Force Eastern Test Range upgrade during the late 80's employed by Pan Am World Services.


Keith received his Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He currently sits on the board directors for CAER (Center for Advanced Engineering & Research) and AMTI.

Aaron Mathes

Deputy Secretary of Technology, Office of the Governor of Virginia

Aaron Mathes (Liberty Class of 1999) serves as the Deputy Secretary of Technology for the State of Virginia.  Prior to his current position with Governor McDonnell’s office, he served as the CIO and Information Security Officer for the Office of the Attorney General.  

During his time at the state capital, Aaron has been strategically involved in the direction of the state’s technology infrastructure planning, among other duties.
Before heading to Richmond, Aaron served over 10 years in IT Leadership at Liberty University, spending the last 8 as the Deputy CIO and COO of IT Operations.  
As part of the leadership team, Aaron’s blend of IT and people skills helped the university to expand its technology infrastructure.  He developed key partnerships with outside vendors while helping the university business units leverage technology to achieve their goals.  Apart from the technical side, Aaron worked for the CIO where team work, professional development, mentoring and obedience to Christ was central to the organization and it's successes.
Aaron, his wife and 2 sons live in Midlothian, Virginia. Aaron is actively involved in the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast and a local non-profit organization called Noble Warriors, which ministers to men.

Steve Newman

Vice-President, Marketing and Sales, Delta Star, Inc.


Sen. Stephen D. Newman (R) serves in the Virginia State Senate of the Virginia General Assembly representing the people of the 23rd District. The District encompasses all of Bedford City and County, all of Lynchburg, and part of both Amherst and Campbell Counties. Sen. Newman has been a member of the Senate since 1996. Prior to this, he was a member of the House of Delegates (1991-1996) and of Lynchburg City Council (1988-1991).

Steve attended Central Virginia Community College and Lynchburg College. He is employed as Vice President of Delta Star, Inc. and also serves on the Board of Directors . Delta Star is manufacturer of medium power transformers and mobile substations with plants in Lynchburg and San Francisco.

Currently, Sen. Newman serves on several vital committees in the State Senate. These are Commerce and Labor, Education and Health, Local Government, Transportation (ranking member), and Senate Rules Committee. Serving as Chair of the Republican Caucus is also part of his responsibilities at the state capitol. Governor McDonnell’s entire 2010 Education Package was authored by Sen. Newman. He also served on the Governor’s Higher Education Reform Commission.

Sen. Newman has been involved in many of the capital upgrades here at Central Virginia Community College, including construction of the Merritt Building, renovation of the CVCC Library, funding for the AREVA project, and securing approval for many of the programs and yearly budget items.

Education has been a priority for Sen. Newman since going to Richmond as a legislator. Just in this current year, he has backed the Charter School Bill, the Lab Schools Bill, and the Virtual Schools Bill. All of these are innovative and technologically advanced programs aimed at improving the Virginia education system.

Steve enjoys spending time at home with his lovely wife Kim and their two sons, Tyler and Wesley.


Ron Parsons

Vice President, Integrated Solutions & Services
Ron Parsons joined TecSec in 2005, initially assisting in product development and corporate strategy. He now oversees the development, deployment, and support of software solutions; including the integration of CMK technology into existing customer applications as well as focusing attention on new markets.
Ron founded and ran two quick reaction electronic and software design companies over a twenty year period; servicing commercial, civilian, and DoD customers across the country. He also served as an Associate Director at NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) before assisting in the launch of several organizations focused on electronic commerce, identity management, and information security. Ron launched and served as the Director of the Federal Sector for CommerceNet, was founding co-chairman of FiXS (Federation for Identity and Cross Credentialing Services), and founding co-chairman of FEGC (Federated Electronic Government Coalition).
Ron's vision and creative solutions mindset has been employed over the years in originating projects and standing up pilot programs involving multiple government agencies and numerous commercial entities. He brought to TecSec this visionary insight and solutions experience, as well as demonstrated success in customer relations.

Ron received his Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering (1975) and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (1976) from the University of Michigan. He serves on steering committees and advisory panels and actively serves alongside his family at church. 

Richard Rawls

CEO, Rawls Aerospace Consulting

Richard Rawls is the CEO of Rawls Aerospace Consulting. This small consulting company was formed after I retired from NASA in early 2008. My career at NASA spanned 37 years and started with a Mechanical Engineering background, working Aeronautics in my early years with NASA and eventually working Systems Engineering.

Over the last 20+ years of my career at NASA, my focus was on International Space Programs. I interfaced with space programs in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France and Italy. I have also supported satellite programs at Ball Aerospace, TRW and Northrup Grumman.

My support of various space programs has also allowed me the opportunity to work at many NASA Centers including Langley, Goddard, Kennedy, Johnson, Ames, Dryden, Marshall and Glenn. I also spent a year at the Jet Propulsion Lab (Cal Tech) leading the mechanical team in the development, assembly and test of the two Mars Exploration Rovers.

Since my retirement in early 2008 from NASA, I have provided consulting support to the Constellation Program managed out of the Johnson Space Center in Houston and the CERES FM5/FM6 Project managed out of the Goddard Center in Maryland. I continue to maintain close contact with my NASA counterparts as well as counterparts in industry.


In my spare time, I am active in my church, currently serving on the Board of Trustees, and enjoy time spent with my family.  

Larry Root

President, SimVentions

What I love to discuss is the eternal aspects of what it is we do in the area of our life we call “work.” If our God truly owns the cattle on a thousand hills, if all knowledge comes from Him, if He really has prepared good works for us to do in advance, if every knee really is going to bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, if He really has a plan for us, not to harm us but to give us a hope and future,…then what should our perspective be in regards to the work place? As I traverse the road God has for me, He has shown me that He simply desires us to honor and glorify Him in all we do; at home, at play and at work. What better way to ensure that this can be accomplished in the “work place” than to be the steward of a business that God has raised up for such a purpose! It has been an honor to be the President/CEO of SimVentions, Inc. and be part of what God is doing in the lives of its employees, their families, its customers, and our community. When our perspective is right in regards to business, when we approach our business with a “humble and contrite heart,” then God is able to empower us to make the right decisions that glorify Him and bring Him the honor due his name – and like any true father, He always desires what is best for us. This perspective frees us to Imagine, Create, Explore and Discover, which is our SimVentions tag line, as we seek to apply innovative solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD) market place that God has us in. SimVentions is blessed to be impacting the lives of our warfighters by developing and delivering defense related products and solutions.


I am the 8th of 12 children, raised in a loving, Godly home in Flint, MI. I worked to put myself through college, earning a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan – Flint in 1982. In 1983, I began my career as a computer scientist for the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), located in Dahlgren, VA. My technical career involved working on tactically-fielded systems that included the 5” Laser Guided Round, and Marine and Navy intelligence systems. My primary focus was on software development in the areas of tactical communications, operating systems, and simulators, where I received several Superior Achievement Awards from NSWCDD. In 1990, I left the civil servant ranks and joined private industry, taking a job with Synetics, Inc., a small business providing defense related services.


While at Synetics, I lead a team that transitioned the Shipboard Gridlock System with Automatic Correlation (SGS/AC) – a Navy tactical communications-related system that is fielded on over 120 Navy Platforms – from DoD proprietary languages and environments to Ada, C/C++, and Unix running on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) embedded processors. Through the success of this effort, I received the Synetics’ Technical Excellence Award and became Director of Synetics’ In-Service Tactical Systems Engineering Division, overseeing support to various Navy and Joint programs. In 2001, Synetics was acquired by Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) – a large, publicly traded company.


While at ACS, I assisted in establishing their defense-focused Modeling & Simulation capability. Although I was successful at ACS, my preference was for the small business environment and culture.


I left ACS in 2003 and co-founded SimVentions, Inc. – a privately held defense related small business headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA. As President/CEO of SimVentions, Inc., as well as Chairperson of its Board of Directors, my primary goals are to provide a solid work environment that is built on Biblically-based principals, and that focuses on caring for our employees, their families, our community, and our customers. Averaging in excess of 50% growth per year, we must be doing something right!


In a nutshell, SimVentions, Inc. is a defense contracting firm providing research and development (R&D) to our armed services, which is built on positive relationships with our customers coupled with innovative open architecture and component-based services, products, and solutions. This is true for each of our core disciplines: modeling & simulation, software engineering, and systems engineering.


I currently reside in Fredericksburg, VA along with my wife of 25 years and our 4 children. In addition to my job as SimVentions President/CEO (and the many other things I do – like coach little league baseball and participate in mission trips to Peru), I serve as a member of the Board of Directors for Fredericksburg Christian Schools and am Vice-Chair of the Deacon Board at New Life in Christ Church. 

Anderson Silva

IT Release Engineer, Red Hat, Inc.
Anderson Silva works as Sr. Software Applications Engineer and Team Lead for the IT Production Control team at Red Hat, Inc based in Raleigh, NC. The company rated the number one enterprise software vendor for value in a CIO Insight Magazine study for four consecutive years, Red Hat is the most recognized Linux brand in the world. They serve global enterprises through technology and services made possible by the open source model. Solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux, middleware, and a broad range of management and services: consulting, 24x7 support, Red Hat Network. Red Hat's global training program operates worldwide and features RHCE, the global standard Linux certification.

Anderson is a graduate of Liberty University, class of 2000, with a degree in Computer Science. He earned a Masters in Information System from the University of Maine in 2005. After becoming a Red Hat Certified Engineer in the Summer of 2007, Anderson has also completed the Red Hat Certified Architect program in the Summer of 2010.

From 2003 until 2008, Anderson was a faculty member at Liberty University teaching both on campus and on the distance program. He also worked for several years at the IT department of the University as a developer and testing team lead. He has also worked as a developer and system administrator for the University of Maine, Whestone Logic, Inc, and NumbersUSA Foundation.

Randy Simpson

NASA Account Manager-Business Development Executive, IBM
Mr. Simpson has more than 35 years of experience with major government contractors in Program Management, Program Control, Proposal Development, Pricing and Business Development. He is a people person with an engineering background and excellent organizational and management skills.