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Jeffrey Guenther

Computer Science (2010) - Ph.D. Student at Simon Fraser University

Since graduating from Liberty University in 2010, I have been attending Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT). I entered the program as a Master's student and near the end of my second year, they upgraded me to the Ph.D. program. At SIAT, I'm part of the CZSaw Visual Analytics Group. We design and build a visual analytics tool called CZSaw. It is a tool designed to help analysts work on unstructured text data like the kind found in newspaper articles and intelligence reports. It has some special features like it keeps a record of everything analyst does so he can go back in time and try a different approach. It also has a parametric system inside it. A parametric system is a sort of spreadsheet built inside of it that allows the analyst to change part of his analysis and all the views and other searches that depend on it will update.

For my thesis, I'm working on the parametric system part of CZSaw. I'm investigating how to represent multiple analytics approaches in the same parametric system. We call these approaches alternatives. For example, in one scenario, you might be doing analysis with Bob as your primary suspect. In another scenario, you might be looking for Rob. Instead of having to represent this work as two separate files, we can represent it as one. The goal is to allow analysts to work on an analytical problem as whole instead of having to split it into parts.Work is going really well and I hope to graduate sometime in 2014 or early 2015.

In addition to work on my thesis, I've started a consulting company where I build websites and interactive visualizations for the web. My dream for the company is to eventually become the commercialization pipeline for the work my research group is doing. Right now, I'm bootstrapping it with consulting projects.

Drew Jackson

Computer Science (2013) - IT Entrepreneur-Mobile App Developer

I graduated and started my own business. My first client told me they wanted to hire me for a full-time salary, so I still do the same thing and work remotely, but I just get paid differently. 

I work at coffee shops and sometimes on the couch at my house. My job allows me to travel as I want. This past year, I traveled across the US and would do my work using the internet at coffee shops. I ended up in Colorado for a while, but now I am back in Lynchburg.

I work with a company based in Georgia and I have been writing iPhone apps and building dynamic websites using ASP.NET. More specifically, I am working with a team who builds systems for large corporations and I am in charge of the iOS portion of the system.

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