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Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

Annual Reporting Measures

Based upon recent alumni and employer surveys from graduates in our initial and advanced licensure programs, as well as from institutional and national data, the following annual reporting measures provide a snapshot of School of Education program impact and outcomes from the 2016-17 academic year.

Impact Measures (CAEP Standard 4)

Measure 1: Impact on P-12 Learning and Development (Component 4.1)

  • Program completers received a 5.3 out of 6 from employers on their preparation for assigned responsibilities when working with P-12 students.

Measure 2: Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness (Component 4.2)

  • Employers ranked program completers with a 5.2 out of 6 or greater on classroom management, content knowledge, instructional practice, and professional responsibility.
  • 91% of program completers felt prepared in becoming a competent professional with a biblical worldview for Christian, public, and private schools.
  • 94% of program completers felt prepared in practicing personal integrity, social responsibility, sensitivity to the needs of others, and the betterment of humanity.

Measure 3: Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones (Component 4.3 | A.4.1)

  • 44% of program completers reported their Liberty University degree resulted in a raise or promotion.
  • Employers reported a 5.2 out of 6 on their satisfaction of program completers’ employment retention.
  • Employers reported a 5.4 out of 6 on their likelihood of contacting Liberty University’s School of Education for hiring needs.
  • Employers reported a 5.4 out of 6 on advanced program completers’ (School Counseling, Reading Specialist, Math Specialist, Administration and Supervision) proficiencies to understand and apply knowledge and skills appropriate to their field.

Measure 4: Satisfaction of Completers (Component 4.4 | A.4.2)

  • 93% of program completers said their experience at Liberty University was favorable.
  • 94% of program completers agreed that their overall experience with Liberty University professors was beneficial.
  • 91% of program completers said they would recommend Liberty University’s licensure programs.

Outcome Measures

Measure 5: Graduation Rates - for candidates admitted into licensure programs

Enrollment (includes completers)
  '15-'16 '16-'17
536 546
385 497


  '15-'16 '16-'17
518 530
280 327

Measure 6: Ability of Completers to meet Licensing and any Additional State Requirements

  • All Liberty University program completers are eligible for a Virginia state licensure (initial and advanced).
  • Title II Reports
  • Program completers seeking initial licensure are required to pass several exams and complete state-mandated requirements which include the following:
    • Exams
      • Praxis Core Math
      • Praxis Subject Assessment 
      • RVE (Reading for Virginia Educators) - Elementary PK-6 and Special Education candidates only
      • VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment)
    • State-mandated Requirements
      • First Aid/CPR/AED
      • Dyslexia
      • Child Abuse and Neglect
      • VA State and Local Civic Education Module - Required for Elementary PK-6 or Middle and/or Secondary Social Science endorsement candidates only
      • Industry Certification Credential - Required for Business Education and Family and Consumer Sciences candidates only 
  • Program completed seeking advanced licensure are required to pass specific exams which may include the following:
    • Exams
      • Praxis Subject Assessment - Math Specialist candidates only
      • RVE (Reading for Virginia Educators) - Reading Specialist candidates only
      • SLLA (School Leaders Licensure Assessment) - School Administration candidates only
      • Professional School Counselor test - School Counselor candidates only
  • In 2016-17, 711 licensure applications were processed for 39 states and 1 country outside of the US.

Measure 7: Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions for which they were Prepared

  • 89% of program completers stated their current position was related to their education degree received from Liberty University.

Measure 8: Student Loan Default Rates and other Consumer Information

Our alumni survey received a 23.3% response rate, and the employer survey received a 21.5% response rate.

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