Information for Local Student Teaching Placements

FAQ for Local Student Teaching Placements:

What is considered a "local" student teaching placement?

A placement that is located in Central Virginia is considered to be a local student teaching placement.  Local placements are considered to be Amherst County, Bedford County, Campbell County, Danville City, Lynchburg City, Nelson County, Pittsylvania County, Roanoke City, Roanoke County, and Salem City.  [Chesapeake Public Schools is considered an external placement, but must be processed through the Local Field Office.]

Who will be my supervisor in my local student teaching placement?

You will be assigned an LU faculty member to serve as your student teaching supervisor.  He/she will visit and observe you in your local placement.

Since I will be living in town, may I be an RA during student teaching?

No, student teaching requires your full commitment so candidates are not allowed to serve as an RA during student teaching.