Information for Local Student Teaching Placements

FAQ for Local Student Teaching Placements:

What is considered a "local" student teaching placement?

  • A placement that is located in Central Virginia is considered to be a local student teaching placement. 
  • Local placements are considered to be private and public schools located in the following areas:
    • Amherst County
    • Bedford County
    • Campbell County
    • Danville City
    • Lynchburg City
    • Nelson County
    • Pittsylvania County
    • Roanoke City
    • Roanoke County
    • Salem City

Who will be my supervisor in my local student teaching placement?

  • You will be assigned a Liberty University faculty member to serve as your student teaching supervisor. He/she will visit and observe you in your local placement.

Since I will be living in town, may I be an RA during student teaching?

  • No, student teaching requires your full commitment so candidates are not allowed to serve as an RA during student teaching.