LiveText Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What will I use LiveText for in my course?

If you are a faculty member you will use LiveText to distribute and gather your candidates' benchmark assignments, assess those assignments, and associate your candidates' work with professional standards. Using LiveText allows the School of Education to aggregate data on its programs.

If you are a candidate you will use LiveText to submit specific assignments to your instructor for review and assessment. You are only required to submit in LiveText those assignments that your instructor specifies as a LiveText assignment.

What other activities can I use LiveText for if I desire?

Whether you are an instructor or a candidate you may use LiveText to share a variety of documents with your colleagues. In addition to projects, which are used for course assignments, LiveText allows you to create lesson plans, portfolios, and online courses. You may share any document with any other LiveText user and you may collaborate with others in the creation and editing of these documents.

What are some of the most common problems candidates report?

"I don’t see any EDIT links or the SHARE link within my LiveText project template.”
SOLUTION: Make a COPY of the shared project template located in your INBOX. Once you do this, you will see the edit & share links.

“I don’t see the Attachment Pop-Up Window when I click on the attachment EDIT link.”
SOLUTION: Make sure you are using one of the recommended web browsers AND disable/turn off your pop-up blocker if one is installed on the computer you are using.

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