Working on Your Portfolio

You would do well to start working on your portfolio the first time you are exposed to it and add as each semester's assignments and projects are completed.  The portfolio is reasonably intuitive, but this page will be updated with help guides, demonstrations, etc as they become available.

The following resources should prove useful in developing your portfolio.  As more resources (and updated resources) become available, they will be posted here.

Demonstration Videos
These videos show these processes using the older version of LiveText, but they would prove useful in understanding the overall process (regardless of exact look).  When new generation videos are released, these will be replaced.

Creating Teacher Portfolio
demo_portfolio.wmv (13.082 Mb)
This movie file (a WMV file - 14 MB) demonstrates how to create your portfolio using LiveText. 

Sharing Portfolios with Potential Employers
demo_sharingwithvisitor.wmv (3.538 Mb)
This movie file (a WMV file - 3.5 MB) demonstrates how to share your portfolio with a potential employer or other person.  

Creating Photo Gallery
demo_photogalleryworkaround.wmv (8.701 Mb)
This movie file (a WMV file - 9 MB) demonstrates how work around LiveText's limitations on creating a photo gallery.  You will need access to Adobe Photoshop (or a free tool like Paint.Net -