Health Professions


Athletic Training Education

Program Retention Standards

Once admitted to the program, the student must demonstrate and maintain satisfactory academic and clinical progress as defined below:

  1. Overall GPA
    • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 (2.25 GPA for those students accepted fully admitted to the ATEP prior to 1/1/2009).
    • Students falling below a 2.50 GPA will be placed on probation for one semester.
      If, after one semester probation, the GPA remains below a 2.50, or falls below a 2.50 in any subsequent semester, the student will be dismissed from the program.
  2. GPA in Major
    • Students must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in all designated major courses (right side of the Degree Completion Plan).
    • The student, with permission of the Program Director, may repeat ONE major course in which the student failed to achieve the minimum grade of “C”. A second failure to receive a grade of “C” or better in any ATTR course will result in dismissal from the program.
    • Students must also pass BIOL 213/214 and 215/216 with a grade of "C" in each section before enrolling in ATTR 400, 320 or 302. Students will be allowed to re-enter the program in the appropriate sequencing upon completion of this requirement.
    • Under extenuating circumstances, and with the approval of the Program Director, students will be allowed to continue in the program (under probation status) if they fail to meet one specific section of the GPA requirement. Issues will be considered on an individual basis and must constitute mitigating circumstances beyond the the control of the student or program.
  3. Clinical Evaluations
    • An acceptable clinical evaluation from the student’s clinical instructor is a pre-requisite to a minimum grade of “C” in the practicum course.
    • Students receiving an unsatisfactory appraisal will not pass the course.
  4. Course sequencing
    • Students must complete each clinical and academic course in the order prescribed.
  5. Codes of Conduct
    • Satisfactory citizenship and behavior must be demonstrated, per the university’s and the program’s codes of conduct as outlined in the Liberty Way and in the Athletic Training Education Program Handbook.
    • Students suspended from the university will be subject to athletic training faculty review as to continuation in the program.
    • The Athletic Training faculty reserves the right to dismiss from the major, students who exhibit unprofessional or unethical behavior as outlined in the Program Handbook.
  6. Competency/Proficiency Exams
    • Students are required to demonstrate mastery of assigned competencies and proficiencies at the end of each of the practicum courses.
    • A student not demonstrating mastery will receive an “Incomplete” grade for the course and will not be allowed to take the subsequent practicum course until the deficiency is corrected.
  7. Suspension from Program
    • Students possessing the minimum GPA requirement, but not meeting the minimum "C" requirement in more than one course may, upon written appeal to the Program Director, retake all major (ATTR, KINE, HLTH) courses in which the minimum grade of "C" was not attained.
      However, the student will be considered suspended from the ATEP and will not be eligible for further clinical rotations or registration in any practicum courses until the minimum grade of "C" is attained in all courses.
  8. Guidelines for Appeal
    • To appeal decisions concerning their status in the Athletic Training Program, students must submit a written appeal to the Program Director within one week of the notification in question. The documentation must include a detailed justification for the appeal.
    • Upon receipt of the appeal, the athletic training faculty will meet to review the matter.
    • The student will be advised in writing as to the outcome of that discussion within two weeks.

Students meeting neither the GPA nor the minimum "C" requirement in two or more major (ATTR, KINE, HLTH) courses will be dismissed from the program.