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Who can answer admissions/advising questions for international students?

Any questions in regards to admissions and advising are answered by your Resident Graduate Advisors. Email them at

Is there separate graduate housing on campus?

Unfortunately, there is no separate housing for graduate student. However, Graduate students are permitted to live on campus if they are under age 25 and not married. They must follow the Liberty Way and all rules pertaining to residence hall living.

Do resident graduate students pay fees in addition to tuition?

Resident students are responsible to pay the activity fee and technology fee. Seminary students pay an additional activity fee, Please review the “Basic Costs” page on the Financial Aid department pages.

Where can I get information about living off campus in the Lynchburg area?

The Commuter Office can assist students with off-campus housing options. Please visit their website at for more information.

What are the admissions requirements for my graduate program?

All admissions requirements are located under the specific degree programs. Find a degree on the Graduate Degree Programs Page. Then click on the degree you are interested in and then “Admissions Requirements.”

How to 'Claim New Account' (Username and Password)?

Once accepted, students must go to and click on “Student log-in” at the top of the page. On the right-hand side, there is a box to enter a username and password. In that box, click on the link that says “Claim Account,” and enter your information.

How can commuter students obtain a meal plan?

Commuter students can purchase a commuter meal plan for each semester by going to the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall main office or completing an application at