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Friday, January 14, 2011

Amy at Outer Banks

Tomorrow the entire Parker family is going to head to Cape Hatteras, one of Amy's favorite destinations.  Monday will be the 10 year anniversary of her death.   My children never got to meet my sister.  So in addition to just doing things in her memory, it is also neat to do things like this to teach them about her.

On Amy's five year anniversary I wrote on her Memorial page (which I can't find) a note I titled "Amy, The Best of Us All".   I went on about how Amy was a unique make-up of our family.  I used her many positive attributes and explained how they are pieces of the rest of the family... only she made it better - her creativity, kindness, friendship, loyalty, boldness, sense of humor, athletic ability, intelligence, music ability, on and on as there are many great qualities in her and in our family.  And in my note I went through each family member describing our like qualities to Amy.   It ended something like - I have strong memories of Amy, being the baby in the family - watching us - quietly - taking our attributes and making them better... Amy, the best of us all...

Well, being that Amy and I shared a sense of humor - I've teased my family over the years that I was going to do a Amy, The Worst of Us All.   Amy - being the baby in the family - watching us - quietly - taking our attributes and making them worse.   ;)   I won't list these traits with who she got them from... :)  but those that know the family and knew Amy well will know where they belong...    But Amy - sarcastic, cynical, messy, yet perfectionist, moody, dark, needy, broken...  and well, just - BEAUTIFUL.   She encompassed what was and is the Parker family.  And I greatly miss all of her traits!

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