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Thursday, September 1, 2011
ACSI Guidebook Proposal Accepted

Just in case anyone out there is following these blogs... :)  I shared a few weeks ago that I had another proposal to ACSI (Association for Christian Schools International) for a guidebook on Differentiated Instruction.  I just received an email saying that the idea was accepted!  :)  So now I need to work on writing the guidebook for Christian schools and teachers.  :)  

Here is the overview -

Book Title  - GUIDE for Differentiated Instruction

Great Commission - Our Christian mission in reaching ALL students

Understanding Differentiation - The nature of the learner and an overview of Differentiated Instruction

Instruction and Assessment  - Learning Styles, Rubrics, project based assignments

Delivery Methods - High/ Low preparation & Learning Strategies

Educating for Success - Scaffolding, Tiered Assignments, and Powerful Products

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