Dear Transfer Student,
Welcome to Liberty University! We know that sometimes the transition from one college to another can sometimes be difficult so here are a few helpful FAQs:
Who do I go to for advising help and who will help me register for my classes?
You should contact your Professional Advisor from CASAS. If you do not yet know who this would be, see the Advising Webpage at CASAS and find the advisor that is associated with your intended major.  If you have questions about your academic schedule or registration for classes, please consult your Professional Advisor (PA).
How do I find out which of my general education classes have transferred to Liberty?
After you have had your official transcript from your former college or university sent to the Liberty Registrar’s Office, the Registrar will post all of the general education courses that have been accepted for transfer in your Liberty ASIST/BANNER account.
I took some education courses at my previous college or university but they are only showing up as electives on my ASIST/BANNER account. What can I do?
You will want to provide the course number, title, and description for each EDUC class that you took at your former institution (per the course catalog) and send it by email to your Professional Advisor in CASAS. The PA (Professional Advisor) will correspond with the Program Director to ascertain which EDUC courses are eligible for transfer to Liberty’s Teacher Education Program.
Is there anything else I need to know about the transfer of my EDUC courses?
If you are eligible to transfer an education class that substitutes for Liberty’s course EDUC 125, be sure you know that you must complete an additional 30 hour practicum. Details about the practicum can be found in the packet and workbook located at the Early Field Experience webpage
If you have already completed a 30 hour practicum at your former college, you must provide documentation of this for your Gate 2 application to Livetext.  Documentation can include a typed letter on school letterhead, an evaluation form, a signed log sheet of hours, etc.  If you have no documentation of your hours, you can get the principal of the school or the Host Teacher of the classroom that you observed in to fill out the paperwork on the Field Experience webpage and submit that when you apply to Gate 2.
If you are eligible to transfer an education class that substitutes for Liberty’s course EDUC 220 or EDUC 221, be sure you know that you will independently need to complete the Zaner Bloser handwriting workbook and earn your Zaner Bloser certification. The Zaner-Bloser handwriting workbook may be purchased in the bookstore.