EDUC 698 Practicum Guide

The practicum (EDUC 698) is an eight-week course designed for candidates who are pursuing a degree in the field of education but are not seeking state licensure. Candidates who are seeking licensure should not complete the practicum.  Instead, they should complete either student teaching (EDUC 590/591/592/593) or internship (EDUC 699).

Candidates completing a practicum are required to complete 120 cumulative hours in the field of education that relates to their degree program. Hours accumulated through the field experiences in their courses throughout the degree program may be used. If a candidate does not have 120 cumulative hours at the time the Practicum begins, the candidate will need to make arrangements with a school system (if not currently employed) in order to complete the required hours.  

Practicum Students are enrolled in EDUC 698 and need to peruse their Blackboard course for important information.  There is no handbook or manual. All of the requirements for EDUC 698 are outlined in the Blackboard course.   


General information for school systems in which LU candidates complete their practicum

  • Verify number of hours that the candidate spends within the school. The candidate will provide the required form
  • Allow the candidate to work in a classroom setting in the area of the degree program
  • Unlike student teachers/interns, these candidates will not need for you to evaluate their performance
  • To request practicum placement, please see the Field Experience: Requesting Procedures