Guide: Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Ed.D. Educational Leadership 

Advanced Licensure option additional courses required:

  • School Administration: EDUC 641, 648, 672, 699-A01; master’s course accepted for EDUC 672 

Ed.D. Curriculum & Instruction
Note:  For Ed.D. in Leadership, must add EDUC 721 and 771 (included for Ed.D. in C&I)

Note: For candidates seeking to receive an initial teaching license or add on an advanced endorsement in Administration, School Counseling, or Specialist, please see the licensure notes on the DCP.


  • EDUC 715 prerequisite (EDUC 518 or graduate educational research course)
  • Required intensives
     - EDUC 741
     - EDUC 919 (prerequisites: EDUC 715 and 817) to be taken near the END of the program
    Choose ONE:
     - EDUC 730 (for Teaching & Learning concentration)
     - EDUC 747 (for Educational Leadership concentration)
  • EDUC 970 Comprehensive Exam
  • EDUC 980 Dissertation Seminar (required EVERY semester after EDUC 970 until EDUC 990
    (minimum 6 semester hours)
  • EDUC 990 Dissertation (defense)
  • Note: EDUC 798 may not be used as an elective in the Ed.D.  EDUC 798 was written to be a capstone course for those who are completing their Ed.S.