Teaching Technology

Tools that help schedule, organize, conference, or capture*

Tools that help communicate or collaborate*

Tools that help present content*

Tools that help assess learning or provide feedback*

Additional resources or research*


 Tools that help conference, capture, or organize


Lecture/ Screen Capture


  • Manage all of your files in the cloud with Dropbox
  • Store and share content with Screencast
  • Organize an map concepts with CMAP
  • Track projects or map workplace needs with FreeMind
  • Brainstorm and plan with MindGenius
  • Connect processes and information with Perception

Tools that help communicate or collaborate*


Articles/ Resources on Wikis/ Blogs

Social Media

Articles/ Resources on Social Media


Tools that help present content*

Presentation Tools

Timelines / Maps


Articles/ Resources on Presenting Content

Audience Response

Tools that help access learning or provide feedback

Assessment / Feedback

Liberty Resources


*Categories adapted from S.Manning & K.E. Johnson (2011). The Technology Techbelt for Teaching. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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