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Sharon Wheeler

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Education
Email swheeler@liberty.edu
Phone (434) 582-3033

Shawn Bielicki

Shawn Bielicki

Teaching Advisor
Associate Professor of Education
Email smbielicki@liberty.edu
Phone (434) 582-3035

Susan Crabtree

Educational Technologist
Email scrabtree@liberty.edu
Phone (434) 582-3034

Tom Doss

Educational Technologist
Email twdoss@liberty.edu
Phone (434) 582-3037


Aaron Hassett

Administrative Assistant

Email  ahassett@liberty.edu
Phone (434) 582-3036



Lisa Curtis

Email lmcurtis@liberty.edu
Phone (434) 582-3032




Facilities Available for Professional Development opportunities

Our facilities are available for approved professional development activities. Email us, if interested.