Teaching Analysis Polls (TAPs)

TAPs are a way for faculty to receive student feedback mid-semester before End of Course Evaluations.
How TAPS work:
At the beginning of the last 30 minutes of class, the teacher introduces the Teaching Consultant and leaves. The Teaching Consultant breaks the students up into groups, queries the groups, and builds consensus to the following questions: 
           1. What most helps you learn in this class?
           2. What impedes your learning in this class? (And, if               
                something impedes, what is a solution?)

After class, the teacher meets with the Teaching Consultant to debrief. 
TAPs are a confidential service provide to Liberty faculty by the Center for Academic Development. Interested faculty should schedule their TAP by emailing



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Teaching Observations Available

The Center for Academic Development provides confidential teaching observations at the faculty member’s request.  A teaching observation provides feedback from an objective, experienced observer with the overall goal of improved teaching practice. Observations typically constitute a pre-observation conference, an informal observation, and a post-observation debriefing.  General observations examine:

  • Preparation, structure, and organization

  • Faith learning integration

  • Clarity, understandability, and relevance

  • Presentation skills, enthusiasm, and presence

  • Discussion and questioning techniques

  • Integration of technology

  • Student engagement

  • Classroom command and control

  • Assessment of learning

  • Documentation of teaching excellence for teaching awards external to Liberty University


The Center for Academic Development shares the results confidentially with the faculty member only; it does not share its findings, comments, or suggestions with any outside entities (e.g. chairs, deans, committees).  It provides the participating faculty member with a brief written summary of its observation, as well as suggestions for pedagogical improvement.


To schedule an instructional consultation or teaching observation, please email us at

Confidentiality Statement

The Center for Academic Development promotes teacher reflection, interdisciplinary conversations, the integration of technology and innovative pedagogies, and the advancement of excellence in classroom instruction.  The center's purpose is to assist, rather than to assess, in the continued pursuit of perfecting the craft of teaching and learning.  All practices follow the ethical guidelines established by the Professional and Organization Development Network in Higher Education.  The center is a confidential resource for the faculty.  To this goal:

  • The Center for Academic Development does not participate in “formal” evaluations, nor does it share information about faculty to anyone who evaluates them.

  • The Center for Academic Development does not share the names or other information about who it observes or consults.

  • The Center for Academic Development does not share the results of its observations, consultations, findings, or suggestions.

  • The Center for Academic Development protects the confidentiality of conversations that occur with faculty and staff.