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Faculty Professional Development Awards


Supports professional development opportunities for faculty involved in teaching and/or mentoring undergraduate residential students in research and scholarship. These funds support hosting external speakers for on-campus workshops, purchase of online or print resources, enrollment in a university course, or travel to conferences, all related to developing an effective and well-informed undergraduate research program (see Section IX of the QEP).

Award Criteria



  • Applicant should be a contracted Liberty University faculty member.
  • Applicant should currently be involved in research instruction or mentorship (provide course number and description or description of research collaboration with students) or be able to provide a proposed plan of involvement. 

Evidence of commitment to research

  • Provide a curriculum vitae that demonstrates specific examples of participation in research and scholarship and contributions to the applicant’s field in these areas or the potential to contribute in the future.

Evidence of the impact of proposed opportunity on faculty's ability to influence student learning

  • Articulate how the award will help the applicant enhance his/her research mentorship/instructional skills, capabilities, and knowledge.
    • The award can support professional development related directly to pedagogical approaches in research mentorship OR research knowledge and skills that will impact student learning.
  • Provide an action plan on how the applicant will incorporate the knowledge and skills gained at this event into research instruction/mentorship.

Evidence of real-world impact

  • Articulate how the proposed professional development opportunity will assist the applicant in conducting research that enhances students’ competitive advantage in pursuing career opportunities, advances the University's reputation, impacts society, and applies to the industry.

Follow-up expectation

  • The faculty member(s) receiving this award will need to submit a one-page summary within four weeks of the professional development event. This summary will need to detail what he/she has learned, how he/she will use the information in the class, and when he/she will present this information at a school/college meeting or event. (Please include the name and dates of conference, home department, award funding amount, award expended amount.)  The faculty will need to present this information at a school/college meeting or event. The faculty may be asked to present the knowledge and skills gained through this experience and/or how they can impact student learning in the area of research and scholarship at a Center for Academic Development (CAD) or CRS Faculty Workshop.
  • Upload your summary and ensure your file is saved in the following format: lastname_firstname_activitycode

Sponsorship Acknowledgment

Any publication, presentation, public recital, exhibition, or other public display of the faculty’s work made possible through a research award must include an appropriate acknowledgment of the sponsoring department i.e. Center for Research & Scholarship, the College of Osteopathic Medicine, The Graduate School, Fulbright Program, or the Center for Academic Development.

Although no one format is required, we recommend the following:

This [research, etc.] is made possible in part by support from the [grant program name (i.e. Center for Research & Scholarship)], Liberty University.

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