Communication Degree, B.S. - Communication Concentration

Speech Communication Degree - Speech Communication

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Residential Program

Regardless of the field, most jobs today require three skills — critical thinking, writing, and presentation.

Refine these essential skills and graduate ready to contribute to today’s job market with a B.S. in Communication.

Communicators are confident and prepared to change culture, organizations, and lives. In Liberty’s Department of Strategic and Personal Communication, we encourage innovation, resilience, and a commitment to Christian values.

Explore topics like narrative storytelling and performance, argumentation, crisis communication, Christian ministry communication, political rhetoric, as well as leadership and organizational communication. 

Careers You Could Have

  • Fundraising/Development Coordinator
  • Community Relations employee
  • Public Affairs staff
  • Communications Director
  • Communication Analyst
  • Public Relations Associate

Learn How To

  • Develop communication strategies that will inspire and motivate audiences
  • Connect with audiences of varying sizes and demographics 
  • Logically defend your position in front of an audience
  • Create successful customer service environments
  • Problem solve with organizations, leading change and crisis communication initiatives

Academic Information

Credit Hours

  • 120 credit hours

Courses You Could Take

  • Communication & Popular Culture
  •  Essentials of Customer Service
  • Human Communication in a Technological Age
  • Event Planning & Comm. Coordination
  • Crisis Communication & Negotiation
  • Argumentation 

Program of Study (DCPs)