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Todd Smith, Chair

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The Study of Studio and Digital Arts

The Studio & Digital Arts Department prepares students with a theoretical and historical understanding of studio art or graphic design and gives them the practical skills they need to work in these fields. The program emphasizes the importance of using professional skills to complement moral and ethical values. The Master of Fine Arts is a 60 hour terminal degree, the Bachelor of Fine Arts is a 128 hour degree and the Bachelor of Science is a 120 hour degree.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science

Studio & Digital Arts (B.S.) - Residential

  • Graphic Design
  • Studio Art
  • Teacher Licensure

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Studio & Digital Arts (B.F.A.) - Residential 

  • Graphic Design - Residential & Online
  • Studio Art - Residential 

Minors - Residential

Graduate Program

Master of Fine Arts

Studio and Digital Arts (M.F.A) - Residential & Online

Juniors and Seniors

Juniors and Seniors interested in meeting with Studio and Digital Arts faculty may call (434) 592-5900 to make an appointment, or choose a Faculty Advisors.